So it begins…

So here it is, the inevitable first post on a soon-to-be travellers blog. And I should probably talk a little about what we’re doing, where we’re going and why we’re going in the first place!

I’m Matt; six foot four inches of Welsh dyspraxic realness. I graduated with a bachelors in biochemistry about 5 years ago and have spent the majority of that time squirrelling away in a call centre. I like my job, I love my friends and family, but life just started to get dull, mundane, and I needed something, anything, to shake things up!

Opportunity knocked when my friend and soon-to-be backpacking partner-in-crime Cati announced that she would be going on a solo travelling mission. Part of me was upset that she would be going. The other 90% was incredibly jealous! This idea of giving everything up for a fresh start was exactly what I wanted. No. NEEDED! I needed something to look forward to in life. Something to wake me up from the dull snooze of the 9-5 rat race. Something that I could remember for the rest of my life.

Rather than letting this chance pass me by I asked Cati if I could go with her. Well, asked isn’t the right word. Shouted at in desperation is probably more appropriate! Thankfully she was keen for a companion on her journey, and I was given a reason to get out of bed in the morning again!

So here we are. In a few short weeks we’ll begin our journey in Bangkok! God help us, and God help Southeast Asia!

Matt 😊

8 thoughts on “So it begins…”

  1. you will both have an absolute ball .. I have travelled for many years, about to fly out again to another new adventure at the end of this month but started alone just before my 21st … you will make so many memories, learn so much, meet challenges you can’t have imagined and grow 🙂
    thanks for the follow 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! We’re both incredibly excited to head off now! Literally counting down the days! Any advice for two fledglings would go along way 😊

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      1. support each other but have time out also … beware of scams, Bangkok is huge on them and best way to avoid is by staying out of the main tourist areas .. once in those areas you will be ripe for picking … each country and area has it’s own hazards but surely young people share these rip offs on some kind of social media site?

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      2. main scams in Bangkok are selling you gems that never arrive; boat rides or tours where they spin a super sad story and demand hard cash payment eg not Thai Bhat … altho they could have changed these were the most common and when reported to the police they get every fine detail to ensure that they get their cut eg no joy for you


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