The day I left my job…

So today I left the glamorous call centre life behind. And it was a lot harder that I anticipated.

The job was a job. A way of paying bills and saving enough to actually take this once in a lifetime trip. But that’s not what was so difficult to give up.

It was leaving this loveable bunch of dorks behind. Its not the job that has kept me there all these years but these guys. Over the years I don’t think a day hasn’t gone by where I haven’t cried with laughter thanks to these wonderful people. Although they also introduced me to day drinking so my liver is probably thankful for the break!

So long my wonderful Trenters. Take care of yourselves and I will see you in a year!

Matt 😊

4 thoughts on “The day I left my job…”

  1. Hi,,,firstly thank you for the follow..secondly just be aware..I love bangers albeit only a few days at a time..never felt unsafe at all…just be aware..there are scammers and the girls will love you..longtime as they say or shortime…lol..Learn a few words But …It is just like anywhere be aware and don’t drink too much because that’s when a lot of people lose their wallets etc etc and above all have fun and enjoy 🙂 Thailand is a beautiful country 🙂

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