Travel essentials from Lush 

I’m a sucker for Lush. Whenever I’m walking through a town, that smell just draws me to the store- no map needed. So when I knew I was going travelling I was excited to see what they had on offer for a would-be backpacker like myself!

I already knew about the shampoo bars and their nifty little tins from a friend who picked them up for her travels around Canada. Out of the range, the Seanik shampoo bar appealed to me the most for three reasons:

  1. It detangles. Perfect for a curly girl like me who wakes up in the morning with the craziest hair 🙈
  2. It volumizes. I swear I used to have thick hair but slightly over a quarter of the way through my life combined with the stresses of teaching have thinned my mane out somewhat 😰
  3. I’m a sucker for seaweed. My favourite Lush bath bomb is big blue and the scent and look of it reminded me of it💙

I also picked up a solid conditioner called The Plumps. Bring on the volume right girls? 🙌🏻

After musing on whether to buy a bar of soap instead of my trusty shower gel that was bound to take up precious shoe space in my rucksack, I wondered whether they’d have some kind of solid shower gel and found The Sunblock. It’s a solid sunscreen wash that will lather up my pastey milk bottle skin with factor 30: Bonus!

With 8 days left to go I’m super excited to try them! Hopefully they’ll keep a soon to be sweaty backpacker smelling sweet and fresh 👌🏻
Cati 😀

4 thoughts on “Travel essentials from Lush ”

      1. I agree it helps volumize. I’m not sure about detangling. My hair is lengthy so I always apply a leave- in conditioner to help with detangling.


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