The quest for a backpacking friendly skin routine

As every quarterlife girl knows, skincare is vital. If only I’d listened to my Grama (gran) when I was 17 as she nagged me to moisturise instead of brushing her off with an, ‘I’m young I don’t need to!’ 😫

So as I’ve got older I’ve done my best to look after my skin. God knows it needs it after many a night slept in make up. You know what I’m talking about! And now with a backpacking adventure looming, I’m looking for something quick and easy but still works miracles 😉

Luckily my friend Devhan sells Tropic Skincare and has recently started doing borrow bags, where her VIPs can test out products before choosing to buy them! Perfect! She recommended kit 2 to me, which consists of:

  • Tropic smoothing cleanser
  • Tropic vitamin toner
  • Tropic skin revive
  • Tropic face smooth
  • Bamboo cloth

Now she’s letting us borrow these in return for an honest review so that’s what I’m going to give 🙂

First of all I noticed that the bamboo cloth was super soft! I couldn’t wait to use it on my skin and I will definitely be buying this!

I then used the cleanser, which smells amazing and very refreshing. Now my skin did feel quite dry after cleansing, however it did succeed in removing my very stubborn eyeliner! I often wake up with panda eyes and smudges even after making the effort and being good by taking my make up off the night before. Super annoying am I right??

After cleansing, I spritzed my face with the vitamin toner. I’m not sure I felt any effect of this but it was very refreshing and cooling. I can imagine if you have irritable skin it would be lovely.

Finally I put on the skin revive. I loved this! I now can’t stop touching my face because it feels so soft! I definitely have to be looking 5 years younger right about now 😉

Here’s a lovely collage of before, during and after. Please excuse my bare face 🙈

All in all I loved this kit and here’s why:

  • Super easy to do
  • Quick
  • Gorgeous soft skin afterwards

Whilst it wasn’t very time consuming, I’m not sure it’s right for the backpacker lifestyle. For one, I don’t have room in my ram packed bag for it all and I still feel I’m looking for something even quicker.

Possibly I’m asking too much but for now I’ll continue my quest for a backpacking friendly skin routine.

If you have any skin routines that suit travelling comment and let me know please!

Cati 😀

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