Packing: A Battle of Wills

So the time has come. The worst part of any holiday or getaway. Packing. Ugh.

I find there is nothing more stressful than packing. Don’t get me wrong, packing means it’s nearly time to set off which is incredibly exciting. Not so exciting (more soul destroying than anything) is realising you’ve bought more clothes than you can physically carry in your rucksack. And then it either becomes a battle between you and the laws of physics, or whether you really need those swim shorts with bananas in sunglasses on.

Obviously I went for the first option. Because everyone needs a pair of shorts with bananas with sunglasses on. And from there it became a battle of wills between my total stubborness and my Osprey Farpoint 70 backpack.

After what can only be desribed as the greatest battle since the Battle of Hastings, I was victorious! As with any war, there were casualties in the form of 2 pairs of shorts (relax, the bananas made it in) and the loss of one bag of toiletries (saying goodbye to my beard oil was difficult), but victory was mine. Some shoes have had to be relegated into my hand luggage, but it’s still a win in my books!

So both bags are packed! Bar a few last minute additions everything is set to go! And the beauty of the Farpoint is the smaller pack can be attached to the larger one. Rather than carrying one pack on my back and one on the front and expanding my already fairly impressive girth, I can carry them with ease:

All to do now is wait out the last few days in sleepy Mid Wales and then… the world!

Matt 😊

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