A few more farewells

It’s now just 4 days until I leave my homeland of Wales to fulfil my lifelong dream of seeing the world.

The last week has been filled with some more farewells.

It started with a get together at some very old friends’ house πŸ˜‰. By old I mean I’ve known Dev since I started Ystrad Mynach Juniors on my 8th birthday and I’ve know her hubby Lloyd since we were about 13/14. I got these pair together dontcha know 😘. Along with Kyle, who when we were dating all those years ago felt like it was never just him and me but him, me and Lloyd! That’s Dev’s problem now πŸ˜‰. I’ve been away from home now since leaving for uni almost 10 years ago but from the moment I came back around 4 months ago, these 3 legends have been there for me keeping me sane. I’ve had the absolute best times with these guys lately and I can’t wait for that to continue when I return. We’ve already got a few things planned right guys? 😘

Then it was time for a mini trip to Brean where my sister and step sisters are currently working their well deserved summer away! Chloe is about to start another year at Uni, Caitlin is staying on in sixth form and my baby sister (yes she’s now 16 but she’ll always be my baby sister to me) is starting college! Will miss you loads ❀️

We spent their few spare hours off work playing games:

  • Welsh Monopoly (the best version πŸ˜‰)
  • Speak out (watch out for them dribbles)
  • Harry Potter Scrabble (only Chloe was cool enough to play this with meπŸ€“)

I had a fab time spending some qual time with the girls and we topped it all off with a meal out together 😍

Did I say just a few farewells? Bare with me guys πŸ˜‚

Next was a family meal with My Dad, Liz and Megs. My Dad and Liz have done so much for me since coming home, the least of which letting me live with them rent free πŸ˜‰. Today they gave me a beautiful leaving card and a very generous gift that’ll no doubt feed me in Asia for the entirety of my time there. Thank God because Matt doesn’t want to see me when I’m hangry!

My last weekend in the UK is also ram packed with fond farewells:

  • A lunch with another of my oldest friends Matthew
  • A final brew and biccie date with Dev
  • A last trip to Welshpool for my beautiful Becky’s birthday
  • Sunday dinner with Matt, courtesy of the lovely Sheila (Matt’s Mum)
  • A night in with my Aunties, Uncles and cousins

And when that’s all over, along with all the tears it’ll bring 😭, it’ll finally be time to head down to London to jump on that plane…

Phew, definitely time for a holiday me thinks!

Cati 😊

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