Bon Voyage! Part 1

So finally, the day came round where Cati and I set off for our grand adventure!

After a quick soiree for a friend’s birthday, our first port of call was Cati’s aunt’s house down in South Wales. The next day, we headed across to Stansted Airport.

Our voyage consisted of two flights; Stansted to Cologne, and then Cologne to Bangkok.

Neither of us had taken a connecting flight before and we were a bit bemused about what happens with our luggage. We had a seven hour layover in Cologne and we really did not want to have to lug our massive rucksacks around for that long. Thankfully when we checked in, our luggage would also be put on the connecting flight and we wouldn’t need to carry it around! We also got boarding passes for both flights straight away!

The first part of our trip lasted just shy of an hour. At the time, we were still part of the EU (#BrexitBritain) so we were able to quickly move through passport control and onto a train into the city centre. A quick 20 minute train journey and a step out of the station and we were greeted by this absolute beauty!

We took a tour of the inside of the cathedral which held a lot of relics of Saints and other artefacts from the construction of the cathedral. Unfortunately we’re weren’t able to take any pictures of the inside. 😦

A quick hop, skip and a jump, and we were back to the airport for part 2 of our voyage! Click here to read about the titanic 11 hour flight across the world!

Matt 😊

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