Bon Voyage! Part 2

To be honest, this was the part of the journey I was dreading. A long haul flight. The only flights I had really taken were quick jaunts to Europe as a child. Even then I remember thinking that there wasn’t much room for my legs! Now, as a 6″ 4′ adult (read as giant man baby) I was expecting the worst. I was prepared to be sat down for about 11 hours in a small cramped seat where even flight socks wouldn’t put off the inevitable deep vein thrombosis.

As such, I was pleasantly surprised! Until the chap in front decided to recline his chair backwards, I had a decent amount of room for my giraffe legs. Cati never even had anything to fear, at the grand old stature of 5ft 1 and a half (yes she insists the half is important) she can still buy child size clothes (and get Harry Potter themed pajamas)!

Case and point

We were provided with a free bottle of water and a complimentary pillow and blanket. Even the seats had their own screen with films, TV shows and games to rent!

I thought I’d come across the best method of public transportation and was ready to fly long haul literally everywhere, but 11 hours later I still found myself under prepared, so here are some things to consider:

A Tall Mans Guide to Flying

1. Flight socks:

– put them on before you get on the plane. There’s more leg room than a normal flight but not enough to try and change your footwear once you’ve taken off. And no one wants to be barefoot in an airplane bathroom…

2. Neck pillows are your friend:

– sure a free pillows nice, but you get no neck support at all. My neck was killing me when we finally landed!

3. Reclining your seat:

– don’t be that guy. At least make sure the people behind you are OK for you to recline, even a tiny bit. It’s just courteous!

4. If you’re cheap like me and don’t want to put out for extra leg room:

– swing for an aisle seat. Sure you don’t get pretty views, but you’ll be praising God/Allah/Buddha/Spongebob/Deity of your choice for the chance to stretch just one of your legs out!

5. Travel with short people:

– I was able to squeeze into a bit of Cati’s leg room when she was sleeping because she’s the size of an Oompah Lumpah and I saw an opportunity. Thanks Cate! πŸ˜‰

After probably the longest 12 hours of my life we made it to bangkok, and our Southeast Asian experiencs could begin!

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