A definitive guide to The Grand Palace’s dress code

After all the palaver we had at the Grand Palace I thought this would be a good post for would be travellers intending to visit.

For more info about the palace generally, our day out there and our dress code disaster, click here 🙂 Despite desperately trying to find clear information as to what clothes were acceptable at the palace, we failed. All we gleaned was that you’d need your shoulders and knees covered and socks. So we decided we’d be okay wearing what we wore to the Golden Buddha.

WRONG. Oh so wrong 😂

From first hand experience here is what you need:

  • A top that covers your shoulders (a vest and a scarf around your shoulders will not suffice)
  • For men trousers and for women: trousers, a long skirt or a sarong (just check your sarong is not seethrough. Mine was, which resulted me getting stopped, scrutinised and having a lady guard rewrap my sarong 🙈)
  • Oh and you don’t need bloody socks (unless your adverse to having bare feet in the temple of the emerald Buddha of course. P.S the floor was damn hot outside the temple)

There are shops around the palace that will sell you these items but be prepared and save yourself some moolah. I can think of a thing or two I’m sure you’d rather spend your baht on 🙂

Cati 🙂
A few pics from our day there:

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