Skincare for everywhere: A backpacker’s guide

I previously wrote about my quest for a backpacking friendly skincare routine. Click here to read.
Well I think I found the one. I’m lying in bed on the overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and I’ve just completed my nightly routine. Current date 2/9/17 time 10pm. You can literally do this anywhere!

So my kit consists of:
Garnier micellar cleansing water (decanted into a spray travel bottle)

Simple day cream with spf15 (decanted into a normal travel bottle)

Simple night cream (decanted as above)

Cotton pads

All in a ziplock sandwich bag so it’s even hand luggage friendly for flights.

The spray bottle works perfectly as this train is a little bumpy and I’m sure I would have spilt some otherwise. I don’t know how long this is all going to last me so every drop is precious! It’s much kinder to my face too than face wipes which usually cause me to break out. I don’t feel as fresh as washing my face but at least I know I’ve cleansed when I’m unable to get to a sink #backpackerlife πŸ™ˆ

The Simple day cream is perfect with its spf15. I’d prefer a little higher but it’s great for nipping outside in the sun. My Tropic tinted skin shade is factor 50 so I’m Covered there 😍. It’s feels light and fresh on my face too. I have been out without make up on, so sans skin shade/ only moisturiser, and I haven’t burnt so πŸ‘πŸ»

The Simple night cream is richer but notso rich as to cause me to break out thank god. The last thing I want is a huge spot on my face when I’ve brought a reduced make up bag too!

So far so good with my little backpacker skin routine!

Cati πŸ™‚

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