Lush travel goodies: a review

Okay, so I previously wrote a post about the beauty travel haul I got from Lush: you can read about that here.

3 weeks in to our travels and I’ve decided it’s time to review what I got. Some have been fantastic and others have ups and downs.

First the Seanik shampoo bar.

This has been fantastic! My hair is absolutely crazy in this humidity but it has been great for detangling. I’ve misplaced my brush on more than a few occasions but after washing my locks with this I’ve been able to detangle my curls with my fingers, even when I’ve not used my conditioner. The bar is now sort of stuck in the tin but right now I’m still able to rub it on my hair. It lathers up beautifully and leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean 👌🏻

Next is the Plumps conditioner.

You don’t need to use much of this and it leaves your hair in a gorgeous condition. It’s hard to tell whether my hair feels more volumptious after using because my hair is so crazy curly out here. I’ve given up on straightening as about an hour or two later it just looks crazy again 🙈 This melts a little in the heat so I’ve had to put it in a ziplock bag. Lush could really do with a tin for it like the shampoo bar and then it would be perfect!

Finally the sunblock.

It’s SPF really works, I haven’t burnt at all out here using it in the shower and not putting on any extra suncream. It feels very luxurious and leaves your skin feeling so soft and mosturised.

However I did have a nightmare and it melted everywhere in the heat. I had to scoop the remains from my wash bag into a ziplock bag and that wasted a lot of it.

Again, Lush really need to make a tin for this too to stop it going into an absolute mess in the heat and water.

So here’s my overall ratings:

  • Seanik shampoo bar 10/10 does everything it says it does and the tin is excellent!
  • Plumps conditioner 8/10 just needs a tin to be available for its shape and size and I’d give it a 10
  • Sunblock 7/10 it’s too melty, more melty than the conditioner but again with a tin it’d bump it up to a 9/10. It’s perfect for holidays and travelling!

I’d definitely recommend all three items from lush if you’re going travelling or on holiday. Just be prepared and keep the conditioner and sunblock in ziplock bags or one of those soap cases you can get from most pound shops and budget beauty stores and you’ll avoid the nightmare Lush soup that I had to deal with 😂

Cati ❤️

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