That island life: Thailand Island Hopping

A month of constant travel, moving on every 2 days of so, really takes it out of you. It was time to slow our clocks down to island time. Read on to find out the islands we visited and what to do there!

Koh Tao

It’s a mission to get here. You take the 7 hour Lomprayah bus to Chumphon pier then a ferry to Koh Tao. If you take the 9pm bus like we did, you’ll end up at Chumphon at silly o’clock before the ferry terminal opens. So I had a little nap on the chairs outside, got woken up when the terminal opened and then we had another 2 hour wait for the ferry!

We arrive at Koh Tao, dead as doorknobs, but boy is it beautiful.

Koh Tao is the diving island. And Big Blue is the company to dive with. We were in very capable hands, did our initial training in the safety of their dive pool and off we went for our first open water dive. 4 days and 4 dives later we were certified open water divers!

After firmly catching the diving bug, we decided to give the full moon party on Koh Phangan a miss and carry on to complete the advanced diver course. Completing a night dive, wreck dive, deep dive and navigational training and 2 days later we were certified advanced and able to dive down to 30 metres 🙌

The other thing to do on Koh Tao is party. Definitely give the Koh Tao pub crawl a go!

Koh Phangan

From Koh Tao to Koh Phangan you can take either the songserm or the seatran ferry and it will take you around 2 hours to get there. Koh Phangan is the famous full moon party destination but its so much more than that.

Beautiful beaches and that amazing Phantip food market soooooo cheap and delicious made Phangan very memorable for me. I spent my days chilling on empty beaches making friends with the island dogs and the nights stuffing my face.

I should add that diving had completely wiped out my budget and I had no money left for anything other than budget hostels, limited food and onward travel but c’est la vie! You can spend next to no money on koh Phangan and still have the best time 🙂

Koh Samui

From Koh Phangan to Koh Samui you take the songserm ferry which takes about 45 minutes. Koh Samui is very much a family resort kind of island but beautiful none the less. If you want to be off the beaten track, Samui isn’t the island for you.

Here we stayed in a beautiful hostel right on the beach and Matt rented a car for the day so we could explore the island. We did a loop of the island and found a mountain top pool with views for days ⛰️


From Koh Phangan you take a boat to Surat Thani and then a bus to the other side of mainland Thailand to get to Krabi. Krabi was just a one night stop for us to get to Koh Lanta. From Krabi you can also go to the more famous Phi Phi but we wanted somewhere less travelled after Samui.

Though a short stay in Krabi, we ventured on the Monkey Trail. This has some pretty varied reviews but I loved it. Just be smart, and keep your valuables close!

You start the trail at the south end of Ao Nang Beach and take the wooden track over the mountain. It’s a short 10 minute stroll that gets steep in places. The attraction of course is the monkeys!

At the end of the trail you get to the secluded Pai Plong Beach, which has a resort backing on to it. It’s a nice place to chill for a little while.

What we also noticed was a ring of dogs that appeared to have been trained to catch the monkeys…

Very bizarre.

Koh Lanta

From Krabi, you can take a ferry or a minivan to get to Koh Lanta. The main reason we came to Koh Lanta was to check out the Animal Sanctuary.

Unfortunately for us, I passed out very early on in the tour. I think a combination of heat stroke, lack of food and dehydration was the culprit. I’m not the best at drinking water but it’s so important to keep hydrated when travelling!

Here’s a few pics a manged to get before the moment where my hearing went fuzzy and I my sight faded to black…

Koh Lanta was our final island. After spending a month around the Thai Islands we decided it was time for our next country…

4 thoughts on “That island life: Thailand Island Hopping”

  1. Wonderful read and photos. Love Thailand and its delicious food, when it’s authentic.
    I’ve travelled through Thailand many times over decades and have seen loads of changes, good and bad.
    Many thanks for stopping by my travel and photography blog.


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