Those Langkawi Sunsets

Onward from Koh Lanta-Thailand, to Malaysia. First stop Langkawi.

You’d think after all the island hopping we would have had enough of sandy beaches and turquoise waters right? But we hadn’t experienced true off the beaten track island life till Langkawi.

From a hostel in the jungleto the sky set aflame every evening; Langkawi just got me.


The family who ran the hostel were so lovely and had an awesome son. A very chatty, sociable little boy who I became best buds with as is the nature of a teacher!


(And yes, well spotted potterheads, those are Marauder’s Map pyjamas you spy.)

Again, the cheapest way to explore any place is to band together with other travellers to barter on prices. And that’s exactly what we did, we went right down by the water, got ourselves a boat and off we went in search of those idyllic beaches and clear waters…

But one of the highlights of Langkawi is the cheap as skywalk. For the hefty price of 33 Malaysian Ringgit, otherwise known as 6 British pounds and 21 pennies, you can go up the cable car, walk across the skybridge, go into the skydome, 3d cinema and the hours of fun 3d art gallery. Even for budget backpackers like ourselves, this was something that was finally IN budget. What ensued was views for days and hours of fun!

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Once you’ve soaked in the views, time to get interactive with the art gallery…

If you go to Malaysia, Langkawi is definitely worth a visit. Many miss out this beautiful island and I’m so glad that Matt did the research and we visited here. Still one of the highlights of my two years and counting world travel trip.

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