Are travel pillows worth it?

The quarterlifecrisis guide to travel pillows and their alternatives.

Travel pillows? Those things that are meant to make those long haul flights a dream. You see them in all the airports and service stations. You see them around the necks of glam looking people coming off the plane. You see them attached to bags of backpackers off to their next travel destination. But are they worth it?

The ultimate formula for backpackers when buying any travel gadget is spaceXusefullness. i.e How much room does it take and and is it worth the precious space. The good thing about travel pillows is that they are either squashy enough to squish down into your backpack or they can hang off the side.┬áPersonally, I’m not a fan of things hanging off my backpack. I already have enough issues with balance as it is. So if I’m going to have a travel pillow, it has to fit in my backpack.

The other prime factor in purchasing any travel gadget for me, a self-confessed budget backpacker, is price. For the price of a travel pillow, I could fund myself for a day in Asia. So what I want is something cheap but functional. And up to this point I haven’t found a pillow that fits all this criteria.

So how do I manage to travel long haul flights comfortably you might be wondering? Well, travel hack incoming, what I have is gilet with a massive soft and squishy hood. The hood is perfect. You put it up, it comes over your eyes and acts as a cushion. Far better than the awful inflatable travel pillow I had on my first flight to Bangkok. That went straight in the bin btw.

As you might guess, travel pillows don’t exactly make it onto my backpacking travel essentials list. There are loads of great budget travel gadgets out there, and when someone finally makes one that fits all my criteria (yes I know I’m a fussy shopper) then maybe I’ll put down some cash and make a purchase…maybe.


3 thoughts on “Are travel pillows worth it?”

    1. Which ones have you bought? The cheap ones I have tried have been naff! And I’m not willing to splash out on the expensive ones to see if they are worth it aha!


      1. I bought a six Euro one from Primark and it is worth the money. It compares well with some of the brands being sold here in India priced four times.


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