5 Welsh castles you should have on your travel bucket list

There’s no place on earth (well, Europe) that has more castles per square mile than Wales. Join me on my castle chasing journey through my homeland.

Caerphilly Castle

This babe is in my home town. I grew up with the stories of the Green Lady, spent summer holidays counting down to the Big Cheese festival and watched firework displays here almost every Bonfire Night. The entry fee of £8.90 is a bargain price! SIDENOTE: I hadn’t actually gone inside the castle until I visited home for Christmas!

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Caldicot Castle

Now the castle itself isn’t much to look at. It’s the castle grounds that you come here for. They have gardens to die for.

Castle Coch

Another castle that brings back great childhood memories for me. Fondly known to many in the valleys as the Fairytale Castle, my Grama used to tell me bedtime stories of the fairies who dwelled in the castle. When you see it on the hill as you drive through the  valley you’ll understand why. Make sure to check out the cafe here for a cup of tea, welsh cakes and a tasty slice of bara brith.

Raglan Castle

For some epic castle ruins, make sure to visit Raglan Castle with its ruins that rival Ancient Greece. So many hidden treasures here you could spend the whole day exploring and living out your best medieval fantasy.

Usk Castle

For insta worthy secret garden vibes, you cannot miss out Usk Castle. Top Tip; on a beautiful sunny day, take a picnic and enjoy the surroundings. Usk Castle seems to be less popular, and with its free entry and quaint hobbit feel I absolutely cannot understand why. No complaints here of course, more space for me to enjoy. On second thoughts, don’t go here, it’s terrible…



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