Traveller Truths #1

A series full of travel secrets, travel tips, musings on traveller life and the harsh realities that come with long term travel.

Top Secret Travel Truths

Welcome to the first post in my traveller truths series.

Look at all these beautiful women travelling around the world. Bloody hell, some of them are outright gorgeous. You see them on instagram, absolutely picture perfect. When I’m backpacking, I’m usually hiding behind the other end of the camera, not lazing gorgeously on a rock with a perfectly curated pose and caption to match.

For starters, I look like something that’s crawled from under a rock when I haven’t got any make up on. And don’t get me started on what humidity does to my hair. My clothes are more functional than fancy. I do try. I admire those backpackers that always look chic, but I just don’t have that eye for fashion I guess. And bikinis? Oh they’re just fine as long as I haven’t been within ten yards of gluten in the past week and my milk bottle palette skin has finally managed to soak in some sun instead of reflecting it off back onto the body of some far superior golden skinned specimen that’s just rolled out of bed.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t wake up like this?!



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