The best working holiday visa jobs and how to get them!

Are you worried about finding a job? Here are the best working holiday visa jobs and top tips on how to get them.

The best way to see the world when you aren’t absolutely loaded or instafamous is to get a working holiday visa. Now you might think that getting a job on a working holiday visa is difficult, but the truth is it’s so easy! I have never failed to get a job on my working holidays and I’ve had some pretty cushy jobs including private tutor, education consultant and guest services. Here are the best jobs I’ve had whilst travelling the world and a run down of all the cool other working holiday jobs out there.

Working Holiday Visa Jobs: Australia

Australia is amazing for working holiday visas because the pay in Australia is awesome. You can expect to be earning between $20 and $40 an hour. The best paid working holiday jobs in Australia are:

  • Traffic Control
  • Childcare / Tuition
  • Call centre work
  • Construction

The first working holiday visa job I had was 2 days after I landed in Australia, penniless from my travels in South East Asia, I got straight to work searching for a job. And it took me no time at all. That first job was an administrative position in an office in Sydney. It took me an hour and a half to get there each day but I needed a job and I needed one fast. After this job, I got two jobs in Sydney related to my profession. (Oh and don’t forget the dog walking I did #dreamjob) One was as a private tutor for Capra Coaching and the other was as an educarer for Zestcare. In Darwin, I worked for a company called Sportsbet, worked at a race doing market research and as an Education Consultant for Abracadra Childcare.

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How to get working holiday visa jobs in Australia

It was so easy to find these jobs and this is how to get a working holiday visa job in Australia.

The first thing you need to do is adjust your cv. Make it skill focused. Think about the types of jobs you’re going to apply for and make separate ones. Have a customer service cv, a construction cv etc. And get ready to batch apply. If you’re going for jobs linked to your profession back home, make sure you have electronic copies of all your certificates as you are going to need them.

Now you’re ready to search. Here are the sites that I had the best results from:

Backpacker Job Board

Good for short term job posts


Good for specialised jobs linked to professions


Good for admin and call centre jobs

Make sure for each job you apply for you write a cover letter that is personal to the job advert. Take each point of the job description and explain how you fit it.

If you’d also like to try dog walking, sign up to Pawshake and make a profile. I had a few regular gigs through this. Great for a bit of extra pocket money but mainly I just wanted to hang out with some woofers 🤷‍♀️

Sometimes it’s hard to find a working holiday visa job in a certain place or time of year and that’s okay. If you find yourself struggling, you can sign up to an agency and they can help place you in a position. Give Randstand or Hays a try.

Regional work in Australia

To extend your stay in Australia it is compulsory to do 3 months regional work for your second year visa, and 6 months regional work for your third year visa. Depending on your visa, (417 or 462) will depend on the conditions. For updated information on visa requirements check the official government website here.

Finding regional work in Australia

Finding regional work in Australia can be an absolute nightmare. Always allow more than the 88 required days, as weather can massively impact the amount of work you get.

Facebook is a great tool for finding regional work. Here are a few pages worth joining for job prospects. Regional Farm Work Australia.

Another great way to find farmwork is get a list of farms from somewhere, like WikiFarms, and give them a call directly.

Working Holiday Visa Jobs: New Zealand

Jobs in New Zealand are lower paid than in Australia. The minimum wage in New Zealand is $17.70 and most working holiday visa jobs get paid around that. Depending on where you decide to work will depend on the kind of jobs that are the best. In the cities, like Auckland and Wellington, call centre, office jobs and construction work is a plenty. The South Island is great for seasonal and hospitality work. In the winter, you can apply to work the ski season jobs and in the summer there’s plenty of hospitality jobs with amazing benefits.

In New Zealand, I worked as an au pair and in guest services. In Auckland, au pairing was great as it had food and accommodation included. In Queenstown, in my guest services role, I was able to try all the activities in town for free!

Here are just a few of the activities that I got to do for free! Some I was also able to take a friend for free or for a discount too 🙂

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How to get working holiday visa jobs in New Zealand

Again, make sure you have a few different tailored CVs ready and get batch applying.

Here are the best websites I used:


This site is great for short term jobs. Mainly hospitality and promo work and can found here.


Here you’ll find mainly hospitality and office based jobs.

Backpacker Job Board

Perfect for regional work and jobs including accommodation.

New Zealand is also the kind of place, outside of the cities, that you can still rock up with your cv to shops etc. to find a job.

If you like children, and have a background in childcare, give Au Pair Link a try. They have 3 month positions available all around New Zealand. And the best part is, if you’re in Auckland and a family wants you in Franz Josef for example, they pay for you to get there! I found Au Pair Link to be great and would definitely recommend.

My areas of expertise lie in Australia and New Zealand but the same principles apply anywhere in the world. Put in the graft on multiple CV types, batch apply on the job search websites and wait for the phone calls to roll in.

Hopefully now you can see how easy it is to get working holiday visa jobs. You can make good money on your working holiday and still enjoy travelling the country.

Have you ever done a working holiday somewhere else in the world? I’d love to hear your tips for getting jobs there!