Traveller Truths #2

A series full of travel secrets, travel tips, musings on traveller life and the harsh realities that come with long term travel.

Top Secret Travel Truths

Today is the second post of my traveller truths series. Today I’m letting you in on a guilty little secret…

Sometimes, just sometimes, I get fed up. There is a thing as too many temples, sunsets and beaches. At some point all the temples start to look the same. And the simple fact is, most sunsets turn out to be lame. And a lot of beaches are disappointing. There, I said it. Does that make me a bad traveller? Well, frankly, I don’t give a damn.

The one in 20 sunsets, beaches, temples etc. that are worth it, make up for all the crap a million times over btw.

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4 thoughts on “Traveller Truths #2”

  1. I think a lot of things are subjective. Very few sunsets are majestic. And with nature you can never predict because no two sunsets are same. Well, found you through Justine’s blog.


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