The 5 best dishes to eat in Vietnam

The best local Vietnamese dishes and Vietnamese Street food. Yum!

Vietnam has so many delicious food options to choose from. It’s now my favourite cuisine to eat and the food there is so cheap that even those on a budget can eat like Queens. You can expect to pay about £1 for a meal, depending where you eat. Here’s a run down on my top 5 Vietnamese dishes to try…

Bun Cha

A dish of chargrilled pork, in a tasty broth, served with cold vermicelli noodles, fresh herbs and salad leaves. Originating in Hanoi, this dish is a must try.

Travel Tip: Go to a local place that only serves this dish as their their speciality.

 Cao Lao

Barbecue pork and cracking, sliced thinly and served in stock, on a bed of fresh rice noodles and leafy herbs. Warm, filling and delicious. You can typically only find this dish in Hoi An.

Travel Tip: find a place out of the hub of the old town and enjoy a traditional experience.

Summer rolls

As a westerner, when I used to think of spring rolls I thought of the small, crispy bites you got from the local Chinese takeaway. Trust me, you haven’t lived if you haven’t had a fresh spring roll.

With a choice of protein, prawn being my recommendation, fresh herbs and chilli and vermicelli noodles wrapped up in rice paper, dip this roll in Hoi sin sauce and let the flavours dance on your tongue.

Travel Tip: Go on a cooking course and learn to make your own. If you’re in Hoi An, I highly recommend for an all round awesome experience.

Banh Mi

Fresh, zesty, moreish Banh Mi! Choose your protein then enjoy the fresh chilli, pickled carrot and cilantro that make a melody in your mouth as you bite into this packed bread roll. 

Travel Tip: the best Banh Mi I tasted during my trip was at Banh Mi Phuong in Hoi An. The queue was worth it.

Banh Xeo

This perfect breakfast dish is a crispy pancake made with rice flour, stuffed with a filling of your choice and tastes delicious dipped in sweet chilli sauce.

Top Tip: this is super simple to make and is a great street snack too.


Those Vietnamese Coffees, made with condensed milk, are the perfect after dinner treat. Try iced for a refreshing pick me up througout the day!


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