13 reasons why you should travel

This week we look at food as one of our top reasons to travel.

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There are so many reasons why you should you should pack that bag and get on a plane but if you’re needing that final push and inspiration, this series looks at 13 reasons why you should travel.

1. Travel for food

For the first week in our 13 reasons why you should travel series we look at travelling for food. One of my favourite parts of visiting a new country is trying the local cuisine. The world has so much delicious food on offer.

Food Markets

I can’t be the only one that searches food markets near me when I first get to a new destination. One of my favourite things to do, wherever I am in the world, is hit up a local food market. But why are food markets such a vital part of travel?

  • They allow you to try a range of local cuisines
  • Street food is very a la mode right now
  • They are often great value for money
  • If you time it right (go near closing time) you can get great discounts

One of my all time favourite food markets I’ve visited was in Koh Phangan. The prices were a life saver at a time where my travel budget was near wiped out! You can read about Phantip Market here.

Another great food market that stands out for me was the Chiang Mai Gate Night Food Market, it’s on every night from around 5pm and is full of amazing tasty treats for a low low price. The cuisine of Northern Thailand is pleasantly different from the rest of the country. Give the Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiao a try.

A pleasant surprise when I arrived in Auckland, was the Saturday Night food market in the Wilson Carpark on Elliott Street. It gives off strong Asia vibes with its array of street food and live entertainment. Definitely one to check out if your craving street food and a food market lover like me. This market is open 5pm-12pm but is closed September through to March.

The UK has some pretty awesome food markets as well like the famous Borough Market in London, which is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the capital. You can expect a wide array of multicultural foods, a true celebration of food and culture. It’s open every day, except for Sundays, so you’ve got a pretty good chance of being there at the right time. 

Farmers Markets

More common in the UK, however, are farmers markets. But being in the right place at the right time is pretty tricky. A lot of farmers markets are monthly or fortnightly, but if you happen to find yourself amongst one its a great opportunity to support local, learn about food and enjoy a food market with great produce.

Food Festivals

Food tourism is a huge part of travel and is only going to get bigger in 2020. Food festivals are massive part of this and more and more people are travelling to countries explicitly for food festivals. People want to experience culture when they travel and what better way than to attend a food festival!

Food festivals South Wales 

My all time favourite food festival is one that is in my hometown (no bias here I swear haha!) and is speculated to be one of the largest in the country: The Big Cheese. The Big Cheese festival takes places every year, usually on the last weekend of July, at Caerphilly Castle. This Welsh food festival has three massive dedicated food halls, a market just for CHEESE and boasts a list of excellent street vendors. The food festival kicks off in style with The Great Cheese Race, where a wedge of the world famous Caerphilly Cheese is carried around Caerphilly on a traditional wooden cheese stretcher in a relay race. The Big Cheese food festival is a full on celebration with live music, a funfair and fireworks. You can check it out this year (I will be very jealous as I won’t be home) on the 24th, 25th & 26th July 2020.

Another great welsh food festival and definitely one to pencil in your calendar is the Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival. Head down to Roald Dahl Plas in Cardiff Bay this year 3rd, 4th & 5th July 2020, for home grown produce and wide array of street food. So many great samples to tantalise your tastebuds, and don’t forget to enjoy the live music on offer for an excellent summer vibe at this fantastic welsh food festival in South Wales.

Food festivals worldwide

There are so many food festivals all around the world that are definitely legit reasons to travel. Here are my top picks for food festivals around the worldworld in 2020 each month from now 🙂

March 2020 Food Festival

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is pegged as one of the top food festivals around the world: https://www.melbournefoodandwine.com.au

April 2020 Food Festival

Like bacon? Like beer? Check out the bacon and beer festival in California: https://www.baconandbeerclassic.com/where-we-go

May 2020 Food Festival

How good does Pizzafest sound? A festival dedicated pizza is all I need in my life right now. https://radseason.com/event/pizza-fest-napoli-pizza-village-italy/

June 2020 Food Festival

The Dragon Boat festival in Hong Kong has a massive celebration of Zonghi, a gorgeous gooey sticky rice dumpling. https://www.chinahighlights.com/festivals/dragon-boat-festival.htm

July 2020 Food Festival

For all things cherry, head to Michigan for the National Cherry Festival. Pit spitting and pie eating competitions, come at me! https://www.cherryfestival.org

August 2020 Food Festival

The Great British food festival travels around Great Britain and celebrates all things food and drink. Check out the foraging walk; very a la mode right now! Catch it at Newstead Abbey this August: https://greatbritishfoodfestival.com/Newstead-Abbey

September 2020 Food Festival

For those with a sweet tooth, head to one of Britain’s oldest festivals, the Conwy Honey Fair in North Wales:http://www.conwybeekeepers.org.uk/fairs-festivals/

October 2020 Food Festival

What else could feature here other than the famous Oktoberfest? For information on what dates Oktoberfest 2020 will be held on check out their website: https://www.oktoberfest.de/en

November 2020 Food Festival

Louisiana will be holding their 35th giant omelette celebration this year in November: https://www.giantomelette.org

December 2020 Food Festival

December is all about those Christmas food markets. For the largest authentic German food market outside of Germany go to Birmingham, UK. https://www.thebfcm.co.uk


Let’s take a brief glimpse into what other local cuisine is out there worth travelling for recommended by these fab food bloggers:

Travel for food… To France:

The French have always been well known for their top class cuisine. From cheese to sausage, from chocolate to wine, the French have got it covered. 

Join Sarah at subdividedout on a French journey for good bread.

Travel for food… To India:

Check out Bindiya at theindianwire and their guide to street food in Mumbai.

Travel for food… To Vietnam:

Take a look at my own post here on my favourite cuisine, Vietnamese!

Travel for food… To Germany:

Is German street food more your style? Rachael at teawithmum, gives us a tantalising taste.

Travel for food… To Great Britain:

You can’t go wrong with a quintessentially British afternoon tea and Clare gives the low down on aboutbritain

Travel for food… To Puerto Rico:

Jenny over at travellingpartyof4 gives us a taste of the best dishes in Puerto Rico


Thanks for tuning into the first episode of 13 reasons why you should travel. I don’t know about you but I’m suitably peckish after all that travel food inspo! See you next week, same time same place, for the next installment of 13 reasons why you should travel.

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