Ha Long Bay? More like Ha Long Bae ❤

Way back when I initially approached my old manager to request a 12 month career break to take this trip (Hi Craig!), I said we’d be going to Vietnam. His eyes lit up and said ‘make sure you visit Halong Bay’, and I’m so glad he told me about this place.

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Bon Voyage! Part 2

To be honest, this was the part of the journey I was dreading. A long haul flight. The only flights I had really taken were quick jaunts to Europe as a child. Even then I remember thinking that there wasn’t much room for my legs! Now, as a 6″ 4′ adult (read as giant man baby) I was expecting the worst. I was prepared to be sat down for about 11 hours in a small cramped seat where even flight socks wouldn’t put off the inevitable deep vein thrombosis.

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