A definitive guide to The Grand Palace’s dress code

After all the palaver we had at the Grand Palace I thought this would be a good post for would be travellers intending to visit.

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Bon Voyage! Part 2

To be honest, this was the part of the journey I was dreading. A long haul flight. The only flights I had really taken were quick jaunts to Europe as a child. Even then I remember thinking that there wasn’t much room for my legs! Now, as a 6″ 4′ adult (read as giant man baby) I was expecting the worst. I was prepared to be sat down for about 11 hours in a small cramped seat where even flight socks wouldn’t put off the inevitable deep vein thrombosis.

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Leaving do #1

With less than a fortnight to go till we depart the UK for the best part of a year it’s time to say au revoir to my nearest and dearest. First on the agenda my uni friends: these guys are the greatest people you will ever meet. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing these legends for almost 10 years now (feeling so old 🙈)  and we’ve officially passed the friends for life mark. Needless to say we used the excuse of mine and Matt’s travels for a get together 🍹🍸🍾  and had a jolly old time in the second city: Birmingham.

Will miss you guys ❤️

Cati 😊

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